Does it look a little hazy out there?

It is, and it's not humidity.

As you can see by the smoke map above, this smokey haze is coming from wildfires across Utah and Montana.

Some of it is coming from Canada.

We can't predict how long the fires will last.

We can, however, tell you where that wind will blow it.

Expect this smoke to stick around for the next couple of days at least.

A hurricane, which will probably be a tropical storm by the time it hits southern California, will bring rain over the weekend to put out these fires.

That is GREAT timing.

Below is a forecast map of where that tropical storm rain is likely to go.

Right where it is needed! That's good.

attachment-Tropical storm rains 081823

Most of the West has had a wonderfully wet spring and summer.

Not so for the areas that are currently on fire.

Those areas have not been in severe drought, but they have been dryer than their neighboring states.

That's all that is needed to create fire conditions... and here we have it.

After several years of drought, all of this wet is more than welcome.

That fear that extra growth by all of this rain was going to lead to massive Westen fires has not happened. Mostly because the rain was persistent for most of the summer.

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