It's interesting how quickly something like the Stanley Cup, not the NHL trophy, can go viral. Remember when people were fighting in stores, acting like they would die if their kid didn't get a Stanley Cup?

Over my 46 years, I've had coffee while sitting in a duck or goose blind, on a deer hunt, or in a fishing boat, out of a Stanley Thermos many times. I like to think I was Stanley when Stanley wasn't excellent.

Is A New Stanley Cup Craze Coming To Wyoming?
Drew Kirby, TSM

It's wild how social media plays such a part in many people's lives. It looks like the next wave of Stanley Craze may be coming. The company just announced the release of its new 'Summer' cups line.

The Stanley Brand has existed since 1913, but sales have soared over the last few years. In 2019, the company sold roughly $70 million in products worldwide, and in 2023, it sold a whopping $750 million in products—all because the cups went viral. They now collaborate with country stars like Lainey Wilson to keep interest in the cups high. Then, when they have new releases, the craze begins again.




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If you forgot how wild it got last fall, check out this video that will remind you how crazy people were and how serious it got. Then remind yourself that it's just a cup and not worth getting a black eye or busted kneecap over.

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