No one is surprised that it's July and hot in Wyoming. Since heat is only a factor a few times yearly, we sometimes forget how to beat the heat and stay healthy.

Remembering what to do when the thermometer rises and if you get overheated, knowing how to treat your symptoms could save your life.

It's officially been summer for less than a month, but hot temperatures are forecasted, so keep these tips offered by the Mayo Clinic in mind.

  • Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothing - Clothes that are dark-colored and tight don't allow your body to cool properly.
  • Prevent sunburn - Sunburn affects bodies ability to cool itself. Apply sunscreen regularly.
  • Stay hydrated - Hydration helps your body to sweat and cool down.
  • Be careful of your meds - Some medicines can affect your body's cooling ability.
  • Use extra caution during the hottest times of day - If you can't avoid being active, stay hydrated and rest regularly in a cool spot.
  • Let your body get used to the heat - Heat illness could be an issue if you're not used to it. It may take time to get acclimated, so be cautious.
  • Don't leave anyone in a hot car—It should go without saying, but our vehicles' temperatures soar during the summer heat.
   If you get overheated, it's important to know your symptoms and how to treat them. 

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