The official state fruit of Alaska is the wild blueberry.

Montana claims the huckleberry.

Wyoming has a state flower (Indian Paintbrush), a state mammal (bison), a state bird (meadowlark), a state tree (plains cottonwood), state gemstone (jade), state fish (cutthroat trout), and a state reptile (the horned toad).

We even have a state fossil, Knightia, a state dinosaur (triceratops), a state coin (the golden Sacajawea dollar). Our state sport is rodeo, our state grass is Western Wheat, and the state insect is a Sheridan's Green Hairstreak.

marbac / 500px, Getty Images
marbac / 500px, Getty Images

Wyoming does not, however, have an official state fruit.

If it did, what would it be?

Chockecherry and raspberry shrubs are native to Wyoming.

The Cowboy State grows tart cherries, strawberries, and elderberries, too.

Texas' state fruit is the ruby grapefruit.

Utah's is the cherry.

More obviously Florida is oranges, Georgia is peaches...

These state fruits are special because they represent the agricultural heritage and uniqueness of each state.

They have a historical, cultural, and economic significance in the states where they flourish, making them much more than just a simple crop.

If Wyoming had a state fruit, what would it be?


Wyoming State Song
Adopted: February 15, 1955
Lyrics by C.E. Winter

Music by G.E. Knapp

In the far and mighty West, Where the crimson sun seeks rest, There's a growing splendid State that lies above, On the breast of this great land; Where the massive Rockies stand, There's Wyoming young and strong, the State I love!

Wyoming, Wyoming! Land of the sunlight clear! Wyoming, Wyoming! Land that we hold so dear! Wyoming, Wyoming! Precious art thou and thine! Wyoming, Wyoming! Beloved State of mine!

In the flowers wild and sweet, Colors rare and perfumes meet; There's the columbine so pure, the daisy too, Wild the rose and red it springs, White the button and its rings, Thou art loyal for they're red and white and blue,


Where thy peaks with crowned head, Rising till the sky they wed, Sit like snow queens ruling wood and stream and plain; 'Neath thy granite bases deep, 'Neath thy bosom's broadened sweep, Lie the riches that have gained and brought thee fame.

Other treasures thou dost hold, Men and women thou dost mould, True and earnest are the lives that thou dost raise, Strength thy children thou dost teach, Nature's truth thou givest to each, Free and noble are thy workings and thy ways.

In the nation's banner free There's one star that has for me A radiance pure and splendor like the sun; Mine it is, Wyoming's star, Home it leads me near or far; O Wyoming! All my heart and love you've won!

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