A crowd of several hundred women, men and children braved sub-freezing wind chills in downtown Cheyenne Saturday as part of the third-annual Wyoming Women's March.

The event was held in conjunction with similar events across the country. Marchers paraded from the Cheyenne Depot Plaza to the Wyoming Supreme Court Building, chanting slogans such as ''Women's rights are human rights" and ''This is what diversity looks like. This is what Wyoming looks like!"

Marchers carried signs in support of a variety of causes, ranging from LGBTQ rights to abortion rights to slogans criticizing President Trump and his plans for a wall at the Mexican border. At the Supreme Court Building, marchers heard from Wyoming Rep. Andi Clifford (D-HD 33) and several other speakers.

Cheyenne Police estimated the crowd at around 500 people, roughly the same number as turned out for the 2017 Wyoming Women's March in Cheyenne.

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