2020 is a busy election year. In Wyoming, we'll be voting for president, one of our national senators, our representative in the US House of Representatives, several state-level offices; and in Cheyenne, we'll be voting for city council members and mayor.

Voting early in Wyoming is easy. If you're already a registered voter, go to your county clerk's office, request a ballot, fill it out, turn it in and you are good to go. If you're not registered, you can do that at the same time.

The general election is Tuesday, November 3.

To vote you need to be registered in the county you live in. Voter Registration is administered by your local County Clerk's office where you can register to vote in person or by mail. In Wyoming, you can also register at the polls on Election Day.

To vote early, a registred Wyoming voter may request that a ballot be mailed to them or get one at their county clerk's office. Any registered voter can obtain their absentee ballot as early as 45 days prior to the election by contacting their county clerk’s office but not on Election Day.

Mailed ballots will be sent 45 days before the election to all voters who have requested that an absentee ballot be mailed. Absentee ballot requests received after 45 days will be sent as soon as possible. (Mail delivery within the county may take up to seven (7) days, and longer if your mailing address is outside the county.) - Wyoming Sectery of State Office

You can request a ballot in several ways:


Once you get your ballot and fill it out, return it to your county clerk's office no later than 7:00 PM on Election Day (November 3.). You can return it in-person by bringing your completed absentee ballot in the signed envelope to your county clerk’s office. Depending on your county, there may be a drop off box located near the clerk's office.

You can also mail your completed absentee ballot in the provided envelope to your county clerk’s office. (Mail delivery within the county may take up to seven (7) days, and longer if you’re mailing your ballot from outside the county.)


In Wyoming, all registered voters can vote by mail with an absentee ballot.

Country Clery Contact Info:

Ask for. ballot, fill it out and send it back, that's how to vote early by mail in Wyoming. So, be sure to do it. Vote, in person on election day or early by mail. Don't believe the negative loudmouths, each of us has real power. Every vote matters. It's a big deal that has a big effect. It's our right and responsibility as Americans.

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