The City of Cheyenne recently announced that it has detected the first pools (groups) of mosquitos to test positive for West Nile Virus (WNV) this year within Laramie County

The test was confirmed by the Wyoming State Veterinary Lab, with the infected mosquitoes collected from traps near the North Cheyenne Community Park during the week of July 26.

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Precautions should be taken across town as infected birds can carry the virus over long distances.

A bite from a West Nile Virus-infected mosquito can cause serious illness, and in some cases, death. It can also cause serious complications, including neurological diseases, as well as milder flu-like illnesses. If you think you have symptoms of West Nile Virus, see your doctor. Though the chance of catching the virus is small, those who are 50 years or older are at a higher risk of serious illness.

Cheyenne Weed and Pest will continue Ultra Low Volume (ULV) truck spraying in areas with elevated numbers of mosquitoes that can transmit West Nile Virus, with the trucks passing through neighborhoods and recreation areas after sunset.

More information on ULV truck spraying can be found here.

To learn more on the West Nile Virus, please call the Health Department at 307-633-4090 or visit the West Nile page here.

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