Just over a month ago, it was determined that the 'Best Pizza in Wyoming' was at Grandpa's Downtown Pizzeria in downtown Cheyenne. But unfortunately, over this past weekend, the establishment made the announcement on their Facebook page that they were shutting down.

As someone that's only lived in Cheyenne since January of this year, even I could tell you for my taste, Grandpa's in downtown Cheyenne had the best pizza. It was also the first taste of pizza I had when I moved here. That made it that much tougher to hear the news that they had shut down.

On the Grandpa's Downtown Pizzaria Facebook Page, there were multiple announcements made to inform of the closing. First, on Friday (November 6th), they posted:

We'd sadly like to inform all pizza lovers that tomorrow will be our last day. Thank you to everyone for the love and support through the years! Come in or call us tomorrow for a last bite, 11am-9pm. 🍕🍕

Then on Saturday (November 7th), they made their final closing announcement:

We're very sorry to everyone who didn't get an order in, but we're officially closed! We ran out of supplies due to the overwhelming support of the community this morning. Thanks to everyone for helping us go out with a bang 🍕❤

A source that was in downtown Cheyenne for lunch on Saturday said that there was a massive line hoping to snag some of the last pizza that was being served at the establishment before they shut their doors for good. While the Cheyenne community is certainly sad to see them close down, we certainly thank them for serving the community with such a great product for as long as they did.

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