Planning a family outing to the "Magic Kingdom" this Summer? Don't even think about leaving the house without being "in the know" on all things Disney before you leave. I recently heard someone talking about this great site called, which can save you big bucks while on your trip to Disneyland. originally started out as a hobby site by a lady named Mary Waring. The page was a compilation of good information to save people lots of money or to inform them on more things they could do for less.

Today, with over 1 million unique visitors to the site, it is certainly the "go to" place to find discounts on shopping and hotels. The site also shows you how to get FREE round trip shuttles from the airport and great deals on car rentals. If you think that's great, the site doesn't stop there. If you sign up to get their FREE monthly newsletter, you'll get a monthly email with exclusive discounts and money saving ideas to help you to find magical ways to make family memories.

So, unless you are super rich and money is no object, you'll definitely want to go out and visit for all the Disney discounts, deals and freebies imaginable, before you head out on your great adventure to the Magic Kingdom. Have Fun.

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