I'm the new morning talk show host has arrived at KGAB 650-AM. I just started on the air Monday, Feb' 20. Be sure to listen LIVE every weekday from 6-10 a.m.

Management was very excited to hire me (at first).
Now they are just scratching their heads.

My name is Glenn Woods. I have experience as a radio host in markets up and down the East coast, and in syndication, heard on stations around the nation. I've lived in Gillette, Wyoming for the past seven years, so I am not a stranger to Wyoming or Wyoming news and politics.

My hometown is an island off the west coast of the Everglades, down in Florida, named Sanibel. When I first arrived in Wyoming seven years ago, I quickly looked at at all the wind turbines and reasoned that those fans out there were why Wyoming was so windy. We really need to turn those things off.