A retired electrician and Republican Party activist has announced his candidacy for House District 41 in the Wyoming Legislature.

Gary Brown says he is a lifelong conservative Republican who has been active in politics for many years in Wyoming and Colorado. He says he believes that many Wyoming elected officials call themselves conservative but don't vote that way.

A release from his campaign quotes him as saying, "Isn't it time to hold these counterfeit conservatives accountable and vote them out of office?" Brown said, "The people of Wyoming deserve a candidate whose voting record reflects the values upon which they were elected."

Some Of The Issues Gary Brown Will Emphasize

The release says Brown is pro-life, concerned about election integrity, property taxes, and border security, and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

It further quotes him as saying, "I am now in a position in life where I can devote myself to working full time for the people of Wyoming. When I give you my word that I will work hard to preserve the conservative values that make our state great, you can count on it. I look forward to meeting HD41 constituents and listening to and learning about their concern"." 

Republican Rep. Bill Henderson currently holds the House District 41 seat.

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