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7:07AM MDT: Dave is joined by Licensed Professional Counselor, Renee' Hansen and Child Advocate, John Frentheway during our continuing 'Kids-At-Risk Series, in exploring a news report out this week that California may impose a  first-of-its-kind ban on a controversial form of psychotherapy aimed at making gay people straight is speeding through the California statehouse.Supporters say the legislation, which passed its final Senate committee Tuesday, is necessary because such treatments are ineffective and harmful."This therapy can be dangerous," said the bill's author Sen. Ted Lieu. The Torrance Democrat added the treatments can "cause extreme depression and guilt" that sometimes leads to suicide.Conservative religious groups emphatically reject that view of sexual orientation therapy and say the ban would interfere with parents' rights to seek appropriate psychological care for their children.

8:07AM MDT: Marvin Nash from the Bullying Hurts Prograam joins Dave to talk more about Tuesday's upcoming School Bullying Webnar at

9:07AM MDT: We'll help kick off the Seventh Annual Cheyenne Day of Giving going on all day at the New Kiwanis Community House at Lions Park. Dave will be joined on the phone by Greta Morrow, the honrary Chairperson of the event along with a number of others who are key players in the Day of Giving, talkintg about all of the ways that YOU can and should get involved.