The Fort Collins Police Department says people need to check the facts before spreading rumors about a recent social media threat of a school shooting.

Police posted about the shooting threat against "Fort Collins schools" on their Facebook page last week and outlined steps that were being taken to keep kids safe. But they say the problem is that people are spreading panic in the community with a lot of false information.

The agency posted this statement on the Fort Collins Police Services Facebook page:

 ''A lot of misinformation is spreading about the school threat investigation. The spread of false info can cause unnecessary fear and panic - please verify info with a firsthand source before sharing it as fact. We'll continue to provide factual updates here and on Twitter (@fcpolice) as any new details become available.''

The agency posted last week that such a threat had been made and the steps that were being taken to ensure student safety. But in a follow-up post, the department said a lot of bad information has been circulating in the community about the threat. One such example, according to the post, involved a "suspicious person'' report:

''FCPS responded to an incident involving a suspicious person in the area of Horsetooth Rd and Taft Hill Rd. A community member called police to report an adult man who was wearing tactical-style clothing. Police responded and contacted the man. He cooperated with the investigation and officers were able to determine that there was no basis for any charges.
Photos of the interaction have been posted on social media and have incorrectly associated this person with the school threat incident. At this time, officers DO NOT have any indication that this individual was associated with the vague school threat that’s under investigation. There was no probable cause for charges, and the man was released.''

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