Since Josh Allen has graduated from UW, he has made more than just an impact on the field but in many young fans hearts including "Super Cade."

"Super" Cade Spinello has been battling with medical issues since the day he was born.  He is eight-years-old right now, but in his early years, he suffered a stroke.  The stroke affected his speech and his ability to work the right side of his body like most people.  He loves to watch and play football.  Even though he can't use his right arm to throw and he has a brace on his right leg, it does not stop him from getting out there, doing the drills and being part of a team.

Josh Allen, current Buffalo Bills quarterback met Cade a while back, loved his story so much that Cade inspired Josh.  Josh brought "Super" Cade and his family to Buffalo for the weekend to have some fun.

"Super" Cade now his two families and a new big brother.


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