Former Cheyenne Police Cheif Brian Kozak officially kicked off his campaign for Laramie County Sheriff on Saturday afternoon in Cheyenne. Kozak served as the head of the CPD from 2010 through 2020.

He was not re-appointed as chief by incoming Mayor Patrick Collins when Collins assumed office in January. Kozak also released an "action plan" if he is elected, focusing on three goals.

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You can read that plan here. According to a post on his campaign website:

''Many law enforcement agencies fail because their leaders forget their mission and place politics before public safety. 

Therefore, we will create a culture that puts the people of Laramie County and our first responders before politics. 

Before announcing his campaign for sheriff, Brian took time to learn about the issues most important to the community and the employees of the sheriff’s office."

Kozak joins a field of Republican candidates for Laramie County Sheriff that also includes Captain Don Hollingshead of the sheriff's office, Patrick Long and James Barth.

The primary election is still almost a year away in August of 2022. Current Sheriff Danny Glick is retiring at the end of his term, which runs through next year. You can see Kozak's campaign kickoff speech below:

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