Restaurant Impossible is a popular Food Network show where world-renowned chef Robert Irvine goes into failing restaurants and helps them to turn things around.

The catch...they only have two days and a budget of $10,000.

As you can imagine there is lots of stress and drama, and a whole range of emotions.

In one of the most recent episodes, Chef Irvine visits the tiny town of Hawk Springs, Wyoming.

The town only has a population of 45, but that's not why the "Emporium" is struggling.

It has more to do with the food and the overbearing owner.

Take a look at the trailer.

To get the "Emporium" back to being profitable some BIG changes need to happen.

I have a good feeling that Dennis and Dillion will pull together in the end, and that the "Emporium" got back on it's feet and be a success.

You can watch the entire episode through Discovery+ or following this link.

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