A proposal to create a system of development impact fees for such things as new roads and parks drew no support from the Cheyenne City Council Finance Committee on Monday.

But the proposal will move on to the full city council for a final decision.

Supporters of the fees argue growth is causing increasing stress to city infrastructure, which the fees could help address. They also say the fees could help overall city finances.

But the proposed fees drew fire Monday from several members of the business community and other opponents.

Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dale Steenbergen told the committee a recent  national survey of cities roughly the same size of Cheyenne rated the city as 138th out of 200 for expenses in starting a new business, adding the fees would only make the situation worse.

Steenbergen said the idea behind the fees seems to be that adding new jobs costs the city money. He said if that were true, organizations such as the chamber and Cheyenne LEADS should focus eliminating local jobs to save Cheyenne money and help the economy.

Amy Surdam, President of the Board of Directors for the Children's Museum of Cheyenne, said her organization believes the fees would add $1 million to the cost of the museum when it is built. She added the museum board is "adamantly against"  the impact fee proposal.

When it came time to vote on the fees, no one on the committee motioned in favor of the proposal and it didn't get any votes. That means it moves on to the full council with no recomendation.

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