Officials with the Children's Museum of Cheyenne on Friday announced they have entered into negotiations with the Dinneen family to purchase property at 1618 O'Neil in Cheyenne for the museum once it is built.

Children's Museum Board President Amy Surdam says the exact details of the purchase are still being worked out. The purchase will apparently clear the way for to museum to sell property commonly known as "the hole" for parking space for the Hynds Building project.

Surdam says the museum board has started discussions with Cheyenne LEADS on the sale of the hole.

Surdam says the new location has several advantages over "the hole," including the fact that it is larger and has better access to parking areas.

She says the total cost of building at the new location will probably end up being about the same as it would have been at "the hole."

She says work will begin on the planning and design phase for the new location immediately, adding the board is hoping to be able to provide voters with some details on the facility at the new location before they decided the fate of a seventh penny tax proposal on election day (Nov.8),

Surdam and Marian Orr are also vying to be elected as the next mayor of Cheyenne on election day.