Laramie County voters on Nov. 8 will decide the fate of a proposed 7th penny tax to pay for construction of the Children's Museum of Cheyenne.

The proposed sales tax would be a quarter of a cent, on every dollar, or one penny on every four dollars. The tax would expire after four years.

Supporters of the tax say the museum would provide educational opportunities for local children and would draw people to downtown Cheyenne, helping efforts to revitalize the area. The also argue it would draw people from outside the area to visit Cheyenne.

Opponents argue that with the Wyoming economy struggling now is not the time to impose new taxes. They also question how much the museum will actually do to help the downtown area, and in many cases think the numbers of visitors projected for the facility by supporters are wildly optimistic.

Some opponents are also unhappy that museum supporters are now asking for tax money to build the facility after originally pledging to raise the money through private donations.

Museum supporters argue the deterioration of the Wyoming economy because of low energy prices has made the private fundraising effort impossible. But they say the project is worth allocating sales tax money for.

How will you vote? We will publish the results of this unscientific survey in a few days.