When the Donald Trump 'Save America' Rally took place in Casper on Saturday, it wasn't just the 45th president of the United States that made his presence felt. In addition to Trump and his endorsed Republican candidate Harriet Hageman, also on hand were various other speakers, such as Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and the 'My Pillow Guy,' Mike Lindell.

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Lindell appeared before the masses outside of the Ford Wyoming Center, taking pictures, signing various items and, of course, professing his admiration for Donald Trump.

K2 Radio News spoke with Mr. Lindell about a variety of topics, including his relationship with Donald Trump, Liz Cheney, and, of course, "the machines."

On why Trump was successful as a president, Lindell stated that "He's a common sense. He does a common sense. He kept every promise he ever made. He helped all people. Not just Republican people; all people. You go back to December of 2019...highest consumer confidence in history, lowest gas, lowest unemployment. And they came in, China, they stole this election and stole our president from us. And now look where we're at. They're trying to destroy our country. When I say 'they,' whoever 'they' are...China, the CCP, Democrats, corrupt Republicans; all of them in cahoots with the machines that stole our elections through computers."

In terms of elections, there's a big one coming up in August - the Wyoming Primary, in which Liz Cheney is defending her seat against a plethora of other Republican nominees, the biggest of which is the Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman.

When asked why Hageman was the right choice to dethrone Congresswoman Cheney, Lindell said that "She's got common sense solutions," much like what he said about Trump. Though he didn't say what those solutions were, or what problems there were solutions to.

Lindell then turned his attention to Cheney, accusing her crimes that he didn't actually specify.

"She's a criminal," Lindell said. "I think she's a criminal, actually. I really do. I think what she's does [sic] is verges on criminal. You call her a RINO. She's definitely a RINO. But I, you know, but she's, uh, what's she's done...she's done more damage as a politician. She's right in the top 10."

Our reporter pressed Mr. Lindell on the crimes that he believed Cheney has committed.

"Well, what are the crimes that I think...I think it's crimes against, uh, uh, whatever the cover up is, or the biggest...anyone that covers up the biggest crime in history, which was the 2020 election, any politician that covers that up is, to me, it's criminal. If you were part of the cover up then you're part of the crime, you know? That's the cover up. And that's criminal. When someone takes our country and you don't do anything about it, you know, that's nuts."

Still, while Lindell thinks the 2020 election was stolen, he maintains that Donald Trump, Not Joe Biden, is the President of the United States. When asked if he thought Trump would run again in 2024, Lindell made his beliefs perfectly clear.

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"I'm hoping it will be a long time before 2024," he said. "He won the election. He's still our president. This [Joe Biden] isn't a president that's in power. Our Donald Trump is our real president. He has been. Everyone else was selected, not elected. That's what he have now with machines."

Lindell was pressed, and he was asked if Trump was still the president, did he still have power over the country?

"I don't know, they sure listen to him, don't they?" he asked, gesturing toward the crowd. "He sure has a voice doesn't he?"

Especially in Wyoming, as evidenced by the record turn out at the Ford Wyoming Center.

"Everywhere in the country," Lindell snapped. "Not just Wyoming. That's a fallacy. Everyone in this country. From California to the shores of Minnesota, to the HIlls of Tennessee. You know the song. All across this country. Whether you're Democrats or Republicans. 39% of Democrats now believe the election was stolen through our machines. Why? Because their eyes are getting open for all the crimes that have been committed against our country - $10 gas, and wars, and all this garbage going on. This is all planned. Plan damages. Have you ever heard of that? The China virus; it's a joke."

Lindell did not clarify where he got the statistic about Democrats believing the 2020 election was stolen, and he was getting visibly agitated the more he spoke. When another local reporter asked him if there was an alternative to Trump that could carry on his legacy in the future election, Lindell got frustrated.

"What are you talking about?" Lindell asked. "Legacy. Are you new? He's gonna be in long before that. He won the 2020 election. This country was stole in 2020. Donald Trump - if he doesn't come back before 2024, if we don't get rid of the machines before 2022, you don't have a country. You'll be out of the job. You'll all be out of the job. You won't have anybody to slander."

With that, the crowd outside the Ford Wyoming Center started cheering which, in turn, emboldened Lindell as he reached into the old tool box for that oft-repeated phrase.

"Fake News!" Lindell shouted to the crowd. "Fake News! I love 'em. At least they get the voice out. Shame on Fox; they don't even talk. I don't even have to ask this guy is he's full of fake news. Stupid questions, you guys. Really dumb."

Finally, Lindell said that even though Trump did win Wyoming in 2020, he won the state by even more than what was originally reported.

"Let me just tell you what was taken," Lindell stated. "You think nothing just cause it's a red state here. The big lie is the big lie. The big lie said that Donald Trump won by 120,000 votes in Wyoming. The truth is Donald Trump won by 142,000. Votes were stole from him in Wyoming. You know what? Blame it on the machines. They have to go. Terminate the machines and we will have fair elections across our country."

Full video of the K2 Radio News exclusive interview with Mike Lindell, the 'My Pillow Guy,' can be seen below.

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