Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray says Wyoming voters can be confident about the honesty of elections.

"We have an incredible voter verification system. It's one person, one vote. There isn't going to be any voter fraud occurring" Murray says.

With that in mind Murray says there isn't any reason for Wyoming to go to a "bar code" system for tracking ballots. Such a system is being implemented or considered in several states to better track ballots and cut down on the opportunity for fraud.

Kai Shon, Election Director for the Secretary of State, says officials carefully reconcile the number of votes cast with records from poll books to make sure there are no extra votes cast or votes that are not counted.

Murray is also predicting Wyoming General Election turnout will easily double the 26 percent of registered voters who cast ballots in the state's primary election earlier this month.

While the voter turnout on Aug. 16 was the highest for a Wyoming primary election in 12 years, Murray says it was ''nothing to really be too happy about." Murray says Hot Springs county had the best primary election turnout, followed by Converse, Crook and Weston Counties.

He says Laramie County, with the largest population in the state, was right in line with the overall statewide average at 26 percent.


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