Wyoming Secretary Of State Chuck Gray says artificial intelligence (AI) can't run for Mayor of Cheyenne under Wyoming election law.

But he says at this point the decision as to whether to allow such a candidate on the ballot is out of his hands and lies with Laramie County Clerk Debra Lee.

Lee, contacted by Townsquare Media this morning, said she is consulting with the Laramie County Attorney on the issue before deciding on the campaign of VIC, or Virtual Integrated Citizen

Gray called the ''Wake Up Wyoming'' program on Thursday morning to discuss the candidacy of VIC for mayor of Cheyenne. Victor Miller filed the VIC candidacy for mayor with the Cheyenne City Clerk's Office. Gray says it's up to the county clerk whether to certify VIC as a candidate for the August 20 primary election.

Chuck Gray Says AI Is ''Very Clear" That AI Can't Run For Office

Gray told ''Wake Up Wyoming" host Glenn Woods ''Wyoming law is very clear that AI is not eligible as a candidate for any office.'' When asked by Woods if there is any specific law that bars AI as a candidate in Wyoming, Gray said ''Under Wyoming law, it's very clear that a qualified elector is eligible to run for office. A qualified elector is a person."

But Gray said that statutorily, the decision rests with the county clerk. He said that if someone files a complaint about VIC in his office, he could give the clerk an opinion about the issue. But as it stands, County Clerk Debra Lee will decide whether VIC is eligible to run for mayor of Cheyenne.

VIC is one of six candidates to file for the office. Incumbent Patrick Collins is running for a second term. He is being challenged by Rick Coppinger, Buddy Tennant, Justin Nadeau, and Jenny Hixenbaugh

You can hear Chuck Gray's interview with Glenn Woods Below:

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