Apparently, there are some rocks that we can find in Wyoming because the dinosaurs that migrated here - pooped them out when they got here. Now, that is a finding I never expected to read.

Joshua Malone, is a geoscience researcher at the University of Texas at Austin. While visiting Wyoming she found some unusual rocks and began to wonder how they got here.

"We were walking around just doing some fieldwork in the Bighorn Basin," he said. "We started seeing these polished stones and we were like, 'those look pretty exotic compared to all the other rock around us.'" (Wyoming Public Media)

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There are many living things that eat rocks to help with digestion. Though I often wonder how they figured out to do that. Those creatures, like birds and alligators, are called gastroliths. Researchers can identify these rocks because they are smooth and take a certain shape, and are found near the remains of the creature.

"We inferred that these were ingested in Wisconsin, or somewhere along this sluggish stream that was flowing from the east to the western United States during that time," he said. "We figured that once they were ingested, they were carried and eventually deposited out within the Morrison deposition."

Picture this, dinosaurs slowly moving to what would become the state of Wyoming, and eating as they go. They pick up rocks and eat them along the way, to help with digestion. Once they get to Wyoming they poop out the rocks. Some died here in Wyoming leaving the rocks behind in that way.

Well, now you now have another bizarre fact you and tell your friends and they can ask you where you learned that crap. You can answer - "NO, not crap. Rocks."


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