Cheyenne Regional Medical Center on Friday posted a video [below] on its Facebook page of two local  COVID-19 patients being released from the hospital on Friday.

According to a post on the CRMC Facebook page, one of the patients is a Colorado man who works in Cheyenne. The post says he was so weak on April 4 that he stayed in Cheyenne instead of going back home. The next day he was so weak he couldn't get out of bed. He was put into the CRMC Intensive Care Unit, but has now been extubated and was sent home.

The post says he will spend another 14 days in isolation but will be able to go back to work after his strength returns and he tests negative for the virus.

The second patient shown being released is a local nurse who found herself not feeling well and ended up going to the emergency room. She spent three days in the CRMC COVID-19 unit, according to the post, getting her oxygen levels back to normal. She also will be able to go back to work after 14 days and a negative test.

CRMC CEO Tim Thornell said on Saturday that the most COVID-19 patients CRMC has had hospitalized at any one time is six, but he also warns that the virus is not believed to have hit its peak impact in the area yet.

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