Things seem to be churning quite a bit when it comes to quarterbacks in the NFL this week, especially for the Denver Broncos. Earlier in the week, the Denver Broncos traded a sixth-round draft pick for quarterback Teddy Bridgewater from the Carolina Panthers.

Super Bowl XLV
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Thursday, Broncos News Wire reported that Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, is unhappy with the Green Bay Packers and wants out. Ridgers preferred list of teams that he would want to play for includes the Denver Broncos. Other teams in no specific order include the San Fransisco 49er's, and Las Vegas Raiders.

Broncos News Wire states that since the San Fransisco 49er's are in the NFC division, that could be a difficult trade to accomplish. Better odds would be trading Aaron Rodgers to an AFC team which would include the Denver Broncos or the Las Vegas Raiders.

When could Aaron Rodgers become a Denver Bronco? If everything works out in Denver's favor, Rodgers could be traded to the Denver Broncos by the General Manager, George Patton, as early as this weekend.

Aaron Rodgers coming to the Broncos seems like it would be a smart decision for him personally too. Rodgers' fiancee, Shailene Woodley, currently lives in Boulder.

Source: Broncos News Wire

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