The battle has been raging on since the Broncos' late owner Pat Bowlen passed away back in 2019. It's been sad to see because he was not only a tremendous owner for the Broncos, he was a highly influential figure in the entire NFL for the years he owned the team.

In those 35 years that Pat Bowlen ran the ship, the Broncos were wildly successful winning just under 60% of their games, snagging 13 division titles, and had 7 Super Bowl appearances (which is also the amount of losing seasons they had under Bowlen...7). It was all capped off by Super Bowl wins after the 1997, 1998 and 2015 seasons.

I mean, who could forget these classic moments after two of their Super Bowl wins: the first one coming after their Super Bowl 32 upset win over the defending champion Green Bay Packers and after four failed Super Bowl appearances for Elway and the Broncos, and their second after Super Bowl 50 when the Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers. This was when Pat Bowlen's health was in decline at that time with dementia. Two beautiful moments:

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According to 9 News, even though the lawsuit has been dismissed, Bowlen's daughters Amie Bowlen Klemmer and Beth Bowlen, who were scheduled to start the trial process on July 12th, decided to call it off and reach an agreement. We don't know what that agreement is just yet but the good news is that this won't have to get dragged through the courts.

The lawsuit had alleged that their father was already suffering the effects of Alzheimer’s disease when he set up a trust to run the team and determine which of his children would ultimately be named the controlling owner.

The issues bubbled to the surface because both of Bowlen's children thought that because of his illness, Pat Bowlen was subject to "undue influence" in setting up the trust and giving it the power to decide the team's future.

In 1984, Pat Bowlen and his family bought the Broncos for $71 million.
A ranking earlier this year by Forbes estimated that the Broncos are now worth $3.2 billion, making the Broncos the 11th most valuable franchise in the NFL and the 25th most valuable in ANY sport in the entire world.

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