John Elway is once again bringing his business prowess to Northern Colorado as his dealerships have purchased another powersports dealership in Fort Collins.

According to The Coloradoan, Elway Dealerships have purchased Interstate Honda at 858 SE Frontage Rd. Earlier this year, they bought up Northern Colorado Powersports also in Fort Collins.

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The Coloradoan received a quote from Michael Maledon, chief operating officer of the John Elway Dealer Group, who noted that he's excited to add Honda to their growing business. noted that each power sports dealership the group operated does so with a roster of over 1,000 individuals.

The dealership had been owned by Fred MacDonald and Shelley Barber for 10 years.

John Elway, who is actually one of those "California transplants" has now (I believe) more than earned his Colorado stripes.

He moved to Colorado after being traded to the Denver Broncos after being drafted by the Baltimore Colts and has done so many wonderful things both on AND off the field over the years including providing services with his dealerships around the Denver area and up to NoCo.

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Oh and there's more coming...according to a press release, John Elway dealerships are currently in the process of purchasing more powersports and auto dealerships.

I'm just about due for a new car so maybe I'll check out one of his locations and get super lucky and get to meet the man himself. It's a long shot but I just may be willing to give it a shot.

Before I wrap this up, I'd like to share my favorite John Elway moment, because we ALL have them. Growing up in Ohio, I was a Steelers fan and hated the Cleveland Browns so "The Drive" has an extra special place in my heart. In fact, just thinking about this game makes me want to go out and by a car from Mr. Elway.

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