Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, students across the country in the Class of 2020 didn't necessarily get a traditional graduation ceremony. But at a Cheyenne Walmart, employees in the Class of 2020 were honored with their own special ceremony.

On Friday, May 29th, at the Walmart located at 2032 Dell Range Blvd in Cheyenne, a graduation ceremony took place as 22 students from the Class of 2020, who are also employed at the store, walked across the stage as they would at a traditional graduation.

The graduating associates earning high school diplomas were encouraged to wear caps, gowns, and masks as they crossed the stage that was specially built by Pepsi.

Staff and customers applauded the graduating high school seniors that also did their part as essential workers during the ongoing pandemic. A statement from Walmart Store 1315 in Cheyenne said, "We recognize this year is going to be a unique experience for graduates. Your Walmart family wants to celebrate this special milestone with you in a BIG way."

Congratulations to these graduating associates and all of the graduating Class of 2020!

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