The City of Cheyenne is offering residents another way to provide feedback on different projects and initiatives even if they can't attend an open house or public meeting.

City Planner Mike Tylka says residents can comment on the West Edge Project, proposed building design features and a Smart Growth Study by logging into

"We're just trying to find more ways to get citizens engaged in the process," said Tylka. "Not everybody can make our evening meetings, so this will provide them opportunity to comment at all times of the day."

Tylka says users will be able to post comments on a message board as well as answer survey and multiple choice questions.

"This was used in the past when the West Edge was originally launched, but it's kind of been dormant," said Tylka. "So this is kind of our relaunch of it."

"We're really hopeful that people will start to use it," Tylka added. "We'd love to get feedback on what people think and hopefully have people start to play off of each other's comments and it'll make for an interesting debate."