With recent heavy, wet snow in the Cheyenne area causing widespread damage to tree limbs, the city is reminding people about how to dispose of the branches on their property.

Cheyenne residents who are members of the city yard waste program can have their broken limbs picked up by the city Sanitation Division. There is a four-foot limit on the branches that can be picked up by the city. Simply call the Sanitation Division at 637-6440 and arrange a time for the limbs to be picked up from your curb for free.

People who are not enrolled in the yard waste program may still have the limbs picked up by the city, but there is a pick-up fee of 33.45 per cubic yard. People are being asked to be patient when waiting for pick up services because the crews are very busy right now.

People can also take broken branches and limbs to the City Compost Facility at 3714 Windmill Road. The branches can be disposed of there free of charge, but there is a 12-inch diameter limit. Larger fallen branches and those still attached to trees may require a licensed professional arborist.

You can find a list of licensed arborists on our area here.

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