Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says the city is evaluating the effectiveness of efforts to reduce the goose population in city parks.

Holliday and Lion's Park in particular have long been home to large populations of Canada geese. City officials say they often get complaints about the geese hissing and acting aggressively towards park visitors.

There are also sanitary and health concerns about the large amount of feces the birds leave in the parks. The city some time ago outlawed feeding the birds in city parks and posted signs to that effect.

A few months ago city officials hired a company known as "Up, Up and Away Goose Control" uses a specially trained dog and other methods to chase the birds away. But the problem apparently is persisting, with large numbers of the birds seen in Holliday Park, the city golf course and other areas in recent weeks.

Kaysen said Thursday the city is still evaluating the company's effectiveness and looking at other options for dealing  with the goose issue. In the meantime the mayor is again asking people not to feed the geese.

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