In case you haven't noticed, and if you frequent Taco Bell in Cheyenne, then you most certainly have, but the Taco Bell on Dell Range in the capital city has been reopened! The recent opening also comes with a new look for its customers and aims at more convenience and efficiency.

It's been months since the fast food restaurant on Dell Range Boulevard in Cheyenne shut down to renovate, leaving just the one Taco Bell in Cheyenne on Converse Ave open. However, they didn't just close up to remodel things, the restaurant made significant improvements for their customers at the new 'Go Mobile' Taco Bell restaurant.

Since the early part of 2020, Taco Bell has announced that its average time spent in their drive-thru has decreased, and digitally, they have definitely upped their game with their new rewards loyalty program on their app, which has allowed customers to have a more efficient experience and the new structure of the new remodeled restaurant on Dell Range caters towards exactly that. Have a quick look to see what's new.

Taco Bell on Dell Range in Cheyenne

As you can see, the new look has the restaurant fully equipped with parking spots next to the doors and handicapped spots for pickup/carryout orders. They have two separate drive-thru lanes. One for drive-thru and the other designated for 'Mobile Pickup' that will be offered. And of course, their new sign out front displays the 'Go Mobile' with the new remodel.

The Dell Range location in Cheyenne has made some significant upgrades so check them out whenever you need your Taco Bell fix fulfilled.

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