Cheyenne's namesake submarine, the USS Cheyenne (SSN-773), has been awarded the 2022 Battle Effectiveness Award, the city proudly announced Thursday.

The coveted award, commonly known as the Battle "E", is awarded annually to the small number of United States Navy ships, submarines, aviation, and other units that win their battle effectiveness competition.

"It is the most important Command Excellence Award a ship can earn," the city said.

"Competition for this decoration is fierce, and our namesake has earned the award multiple times in her life of service," the city added.

Cheyenne, the last Los Angeles-class submarine built by Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia, was commissioned on Sept. 13, 1996, with Commander Peter H. Ozimik in command.

She transferred to her home port of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1998.

"We are proud of the officers, chiefs, and crew of our submarine and congratulate her for being the best," the city said.

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