The Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service is warning about extremely dangerous fire conditions this week.

The service has issued this statement:

  • Warm temperatures, very dry air and breezy west winds return to southeast Wyoming beginning across Carbon, Albany and western Converse Counties Wednesday. These conditions are expected to spread east across the Laramie Range, impacting areas east on Thursday.
  • Fire Weather Watches in effect for both Wednesday and Thursday for most of southeast Wyoming from 11am to 8pm for Wednesday and Thursday.
    • Overall confidence is high on critical humidity and wind thresholds being met for the areas under the Fire Weather Watches each afternoon from 11am to 8pm.
    • Thursday appears to be the worst day from a fire weather standpoint as it will be driest of the two days and will be impacting the ongoing Britania Mountain Wildfire and any other fire starts that occur.  

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