Cheyenne is hungry! And they are certainly hungry for more restaurant chains in and around the immediate Cheyenne area. Last month, we posted about some restaurant chains that Cheyenne needs right now, but when it comes to food, like we all are, we're much more greedy than that. There's a lot more restaurant chains that Cheyenne is hungry for based on their outcry on social media.

There's no better place to get brutally honest about what restaurant chains your city is in dire need of than Facebook and that's exactly how this list was compiled. In the Facebook group, 'Cheyenne Community Connections', which consist of over 13,400 members that are pretty much all from Cheyenne, the question was posted by a member, 'Hi all, what fast food or sit down restaurants would you like to see in Cheyenne? I'd love a Waffle House or Raising Canes.'

Members of the group were ready to pounce on that and gave us plenty of potential food joints to bring to Cheyenne. Of course, several of them, we've previously mentioned in the '11 Restaurant Chains That Cheyenne Needs Right Now' that was posted last month. We'll leave those off the list. They were:

  • Popeyes
  • Jack In the Box
  • White Castle
  • Whataburger
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Waffle House
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Rallys/Checkers
  • Jersey Mike's
  • Red Robin

Since we've previously discussed these, let's look at 24 other restaurant chains that the Cheyenne community is hungry for based on the number of times they were mentioned and earned 'reacts' in the Facebook comment thread, in no particular order...

Cheyenne Wants These 24 Restaurant Chains

If you weren't hungry before, you definitely are now, Cheyenne!

11 Restaurant Chains That Cheyenne Needs Right Now

- 11 Restaurant Chains That Cheyenne Needs Right Now

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