Everyone loves tacos! And now as Spring is here and the temperatures are warning up as of late, a prime spot for some great tacos is opening back up in Cheyenne.

If you have ever gone by DT's Liquor Mart's Ridge Rd location, which is connected to Tusker Bar, you have probably noticed the mobile concession stand in the northeastern section of the parking lot. That spot is also known as Oompah Tacos Indian Style Tacos. They made the announcement on their Facebook page that they will be opening back up for the Spring season.

The announcement on their social media post reads:

We are back!!!!! Starting April 8th we will be open from 11 am to 8 pm until Saturday April 16th. At our usual location in the Tuskers parking lot. We will also be providing a 10% Discount for anyone who likes and shares our Facebook page as well. We are excited to kick off another great year and can’t wait to see everyone again!!!

So starting next Monday, April 8th, you can snap some Indian Style Tacos at their usual location.

Of course, throughout their seasons of being open to the public, you can find Oompah Tacos Indian Style Tacos in various other locations depending on what events may be happening around the area. But their reliable home spot is just outside Tusker Bar/DT's.

Spring time is just about in full swing and there is never a bad time to grab some tacos so be sure to take full advantage, Cheyenne!

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