Supporters of Cheyenne's newly adopted non-discrimination resolution say it's a "hopeful first step" in getting LGBTQ legislation passed at the state level.

"It does direct the state legislature to pass a comprehensive state law that guarantees protections for hiring, for housing and for accommodation," said Wyoming Equality spokeswoman Sara Burlingame.

"A lot of people don't seem to realize that there isn't anything on the books," said Councilman Richard Johnson, who voted in favor of the resolution.

Jackson, Gillette and Douglas have passed similar resolutions, but Laramie is the only municipality in the state with a non-discrimination ordinance that makes discrimination a misdemeanor.

Johnson says he found it odd that some opponents of the resolution, including Councilman Mike Luna, argued the issue should be handled at the state level.

"That's exactly what the resolution stated," said Johnson. "It should go back to the state because there are 99 municipalities in Wyoming and so you don't really want 99 independent laws."

"It should be across the board so that we have uniformity," Johnson added.

"This resolution says we are a community that values and affirms the worth and dignity of our LGBTQ citizens," said Burlingame. "We're looking forward to taking this conversation to other communities in Wyoming and to the state."

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