The Cheyenne Police Department and Cheyenne Fire Rescue are urging Cheyenne residents to make sure their address number is clearly visible from the street.

Cheyenne Fire Chief Greg Hoggatt said "If you can't see your house numbers from the street, neither can first responders. The chief advises people to ask themselves the following questions:

-Are your house numbers visible from the street?

-Are they set on a background of contrasting colors?

-If your house is hidden from the street, are your numbers attached to a visible fence, mailbox or gate?

-Is your mobile home identified by your house number?

-If you live on a corner, does your house number face the street named in your address?

City of Cheyenne code demands the visibility of house numbers from the street and that address numbers must be in block numbers rather than spelled out. They also must be at least four inches high and a half an inch wide, set on contrasting backgrounds.

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