A major market gas station and convenience store chain is facing opposition in its quest to offer alcohol to its Cheyenne patrons.

Maverik, Inc. wants to purchase a retail liquor license from John Lambousis, the former proprietor of the Mayflower restaurant, so it can sell alcohol at its store on Gardenia Drive, but they need the approval of the Cheyenne City Council in order to do so.

Several residents spoke out against the proposed transfer during Monday night's council meeting, arguing it could contribute to underage drinking and hinder economic development.

"How many times do you pull into a convenience store and see a group of teenagers hanging out," asked Suzy Gudenkauf, owner of Outlaw Liquors. "How easy would it be for one of those teenagers to ask a customer coming in, 'Hey buddy, I got $20. Would you mind buying me a six-pack of beer and you can keep the change?'"

Former councilwoman Georgia Broyles echoed Gudenkauf's concerns.

"How much accessibility to alcohol do the people of Cheyenne want children and adults under 21 to have," she asked.

"Past governing bodies, with support of their constituents, have worked to ensure these limited retail licenses would support economic development by voting to issue them to restaurants," Broyles added. "Old Chicago came to Cheyenne because of one of these licenses as well as a downtown restaurant."

"I'm extremely torn on this one," said councilman Rocky Case. "I'm supporting this to move it forward for further discussion and bring all those arguments to the table, but we have an important decision to make here."

The council's Finance Committee will take up the issue when it meets at 11 a.m. on July 5.

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