In any state, the state capital can be a great place to live. Most state capitals offer plenty of opportunity along with an infrastructure that's specifically unique to the local culture of the city and region. It just so happens that when it comes to capital cities, a recent study showed that Cheyenne is among the top capital cities in the nation to call home. recently released the ranking of the top capital cities to call home, and when it comes to key factors that weigh in on where you are looking to move, Cheyenne, WY is right near the top. We ranked 3rd on the list of top capital cities to call home. Only Salt Lake City, UT and Austin, TX came in ranked ahead of us.

The publication cited Cheyenne's cost of living and short commute times as two of the main reasons why Cheyenne is among the top capital cities to live. Cost of living is 8.2 percent below the national average as rent for an average one-bedroom apartment is $930 per month. The city ranked 10th in that category among capital cities. The commute times to work are some of the shortest in the entire nation as well. Average commute times are just under 16 minutes, which is somehow only third overall. It is shocking to think there are any other capital cities with less of an average commute time than that, but apparently, a couple of them exist.

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The study also mentions Cheyenne's some of the other important aspects of the city, such as tourism, light manufacturing, and its military presence with being home to F.E. Warren Air Force Base. They sum up the experience in Cheyenne as being a 'rugged and modern city'. There's definitely no other state capital on the list that's being described as 'rugged and modern'.

So there it is, Wyomingites. It turns out, your capital city is pretty awesome. Oh and by the way, the capital city of the state to our south in Denver, CO came in tied for 5th on the list. Therefore, Cheyenne > Denver.

Cheapest Places to Live in Wyoming

Do you like money? Do you like not like spending it? Well then my friend, I have an internet list for you. Or friends at Homesnacks crunched a bunch of numbers to find the cheapest places in Wyoming to live.

The Homesnacks folks looked at US Census data and the cost of living for the area. "We were especially interested in home and rental prices in places with more than 1,000 residents," they say.

If you like small town living in the natural beauty of the wilds of Wyoming, you'll find plenty of ideas on this list.

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