Cheyenne police are warning local business owners of a phone scam involving a fake YP Mobile employee calling about a lack of payment.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says the caller asks for somebody who used to work at the business and then asks to record the call while the company updates its contact information.

"At the end of the conversation they inform the business owner that they have a past bill," said Malatesta. "And this is something that the business had never contract for."

"Thinking that it may be an old bill that needs to be paid or something like that, somebody could be fooled into paying this bill which they should never pay," Malatesta added.

Malatesta says the scam appears to be originating out of Canada.

"There was a company that was doing this earlier under a different name, but using the exact same methods," said Malatesta. "They were investigated by the FTC in 2013 and were convicted of this type of deception."

If a company you've never heard of calls your business, Malatesta suggests you Google the company.

He says YP Mobile has a pretty legitimate looking website, but if you add "scam" to the company's name when you're doing a web search, it becomes apparent the guys are con-artists.

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