Cheyenne Police are once again reminding people that most fireworks are illegal within the city limits of Cheyenne.

CPD Spokeswoman Alex Farkas gave Townsquare Media the following statement:

We encourage everyone to enjoy celebrating the Fourth of July holiday - but to do so with safety top of mind. The Cheyenne Police Department would like to remind citizens that the use of consumer fireworks within the City of Cheyenne limits is not allowed on private property. They are also prohibited on public property which includes parks, schools, streets, alleys, and public right-of-ways. Violators found in possession of fireworks will have them confiscated and could be issued a citation with a possible fine.

Instead, we encourage citizens to enjoy the annual fireworks show hosted by the City of Cheyenne and Cheyenne Frontier Days on July 4. The celebration is designed to be visible from various locations across the city. For more information, please visit:

There will also be an increased law enforcement presence throughout the city – the DUI Command Vehicle will be posted to watch for impaired drivers and officers will be assigned to watch for fireworks-related offenses.

Here is a graphic from the Cheyenne Police Department showing which fireworks are allowed in the city versus what is illegal

attachment-Fireworks Pic 232217

Fireworks are also illegal in Laramie. But like Cheyenne, Laramie has a public fireworks show on the Fourth of July.

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