Cheyenne Police are reminding drivers to stay in the closest available lane when they're turning.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says a significant amount of drivers are making improper turns.

"Turning is always something that people have issues with for whatever reason," said Malatesta. "Figuring out which lane to turn into is something that we do see crashes on pretty frequently."

"If a driver is approaching an intersection where they're planning to turn either right or left, they need to turn into the closest lane," he added. "What that does is prevents accidents where another driver who's also making a turn doesn't run into you and you're driving in a safe manner preventing accidents."

Malatesta says drivers could face a $100 fine if they get pulled over for making an improper turn.

"It's not something that we're cracking down on per say, however it is something that we want to make sure people are aware of," said Malatesta.

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