The Cheyenne Police Department will hold its annual "Neighborhood Night Out" event on July 12, according to Officer Dan Long.

He says the event is a chance for city residents to get to know their neighbors and get a better idea of who belongs in the neighborhood and who doesn't.

Long says it also opens up communication between city residents and police officers, which can prove useful in investigating crimes that do occur. The event features block parties all across the city hosted by people who live there.

The parties range from simple backyard barbecues to extravaganza events featuring live bands, contests and other summer festivities. Long says police will block off the streets and arrange for noise permits for the block parties.

Officers will also visit each block party to introduce themselves and hear about neighborhood concerns. In most parts of the country Neighborhood Night Out events are held later in the summer, but they are scheduled in early July in Cheyenne to avoid conflicts with Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Long says people can sign up to host a block party at the Cheyenne Police Department Website