Officer Keven Malatesta says so far this year, the CPD has worked 352 drug investigations, compared to 506 at the same time last year. He says it's not clear what has caused the decline. But even with the downward trend, he says meth remains a big problem and one that has a ripple effect on other crime rates, especially property crimes.

That is because meth addicts will often do whatever they can to get money for meth, whether that means stealing from family members or anyone else. 'It's a drug that just destroys someone's life completely" Malatesta said on Tuesday. ''It's not just the addiction itself, but it affects their personal relationships and relationships with family to include them doing whatever they can to get that drug."

In regard to possible causes for the decline, Malatesta says it's hard to nail down a particular reason, but he says the CPD has been working hard on meth trafficking in the area, noting that CPD narcotics officers are all current members of a Drug Enforcement Administration [DEA] task force.

The DEA is the main federal agency tasked with fighting drug trafficking across the country. ''That is certainly something that helps us in going after the people who are distributing drugs in our city" he said. In regard to opioids Malatesta says "we are seeing some'" but he adds meth is still a far bigger problem in the Cheyenne area.

Malatesta also says that while local police will bust people for pot when they come across it, the CPD is far more focused on meth and other more dangerous drugs in its enforcement efforts.

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