The Cheyenne Police Department and the Cheyenne City Engineer's office are launching a new program to address concerns about speeding in residential areas, according to police spokesman Officer Dan Long.

He says the program will allow residents to borrow radar equipment to record the speeds of vehicles traveling through residential areas. People using the equipment will have to sign an agreement with the police department and will be taught how to use the radar to record vehicle speeds and report back to the city.

Long says the information won't be used to issue tickets or impose fines, but will be used by police in deciding where to assign officers to catch speeders. The City Engineer's office will also use the information to evaluate speed limits in the city.

Long says anyone interested in taking part in the program should call the police department at 637-6521.

He says so far there is only one radar kit available, so people wanting to use it may have to be put on a waiting list.

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