Police are warning about credit card skimmers after one was discovered at a Cheyenne convenience store earlier this week.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says the device was installed on a credit card terminal inside the Loaf 'N Jug at 5539 Yellowstone Road.

"We're aware of 22 cases involving this skimmer," said Malatesta. "(They) originated as far back as Feb. 21 (but) there may be cases that were a little earlier than that."

"If anybody thinks they're a victim of this they can go to our website and make a report," he added. "We ask anybody who is doing that to make sure that they include their financial information from their bank and highlight the fraudulent transactions."

Malatesta says a simple thing people can do to protect themselves from card skimming is to give the face of the terminal a little tug to make sure it isn't loose. If it is, they should alert store staff to inspect the device before using it.

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