Cheyenne Police have taken to Facebook to warn people against shoplifting at either of the city's two Walmart stores this summer;

The statement below was posted on the CPD Facebook page on Wednesday:

''Makeup and bathing suits, two important things for any teenage girl on summer vacation. Here's the thing though, if you leave the store and these things aren't paid for, that thirty dollars in merchandise just turned into a $325 summons.

How do you want to remember your summer?
"It was lit, fam!"
"It was community service, fam😞"

Both Walmart locations in Cheyenne have teams of plainclothes staff whose fulltime job is to catch shoplifters...and they are good.

Don't risk it, have a fun and safe summer!''

Police spokesman Kevin Malatesta says both stores have teams of loss-reduction specialists who will be out in force this summer.

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