The Cheyenne Police Department welcomed three new officers to its ranks Monday.

Colin Brengman, Nathan Marshall, and Marissa Tucker were sworn in during a ceremony at the Cheyenne Public Safety Center.

According to a department Facebook post, all three officers moved to Cheyenne from other areas.

Brengman made the short move from Laramie where he attended the University of Wyoming.

"My favorite thing about Cheyenne is the people of course,” said Brengman.

“During my upbringing, I was always involved in community service projects, and found that helping people is a major part of who I am," he added.

Marshall relocated from North Charleston, South Carolina.

And Tucker, a Navy veteran originally from La Habra, California, became a police officer to make a positive impact in her community and continue her service after the military.

"We look forward to working alongside this talented group," the post reads. "Thank you for your service and welcome to the team!"

Brengman, Marshall, and Tucker are the fourth, fifth, and sixth officers to be sworn in this year. The trio will now attend the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in Douglas.


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