Cheyenne Police continue to investigate two armed robberies that occurred earlier this month.

On June 4, a man robbed the Loaf 'N Jug on Dell Range. Ten days later, the Fairfield Inn and Suites on Stillwater Avenue was robbed.

"They may be connected," said Chief Brian Kozak. "It might be the same suspect as well, so we're still looking at that."

While many have criticized the police and questioned why arrests haven't been made in either case yet, Kozak says "it does take time."

"It takes following up the leads and hopefully getting some tips on those," said Kozak. "We might even do some surveillance, undercover-type operations at night as well."

Kozak says a shortage of officers isn't helping the situation either. He says the department has become more "reactive" rather than "proactive."

"Our officers spend a lot of time just going from call to call," said Kozak. "An officer may not have time to set on a convenience store or at a hotel to watch it unless we specifically assign that as a surveillance detail, so it can become a problem."

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